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ESG communication

The importance of ESG – the environment, social issues and corporate governance – is growing in corporate strategy and leadership. Depending on the approach to ESG issues, it also reflects on how companies define their key stakeholders and how they communicate with them. 

 Regardless of the size of a company or industry, a responsible approach is a prerequisite for long-term success. Abiding by the law is no longer enough. There are growing expectations and interest among various stakeholder groups to better understand in what way a company is indeed a sustainable business, not only on paper and on websites, but for real.  

Investors, whose investment decisions are driven by the optimal balance between the risk and reward, favor sustainable businesses with a clear corporate strategy, strong leadership and interesting growth potential.  

 Has your company crystallized what ESG is all about in your line of business? Have you defined what responsibility means for your business and how it is part of your corporate growth strategy? Do you have a shared understanding internally what is material? What are the themes, goals, actions and metrics that are relevant to your company and your stakeholders? How are you communicating this to your stakeholders and how do they understand it? 


We support our customers 

  • To define the ESG strategy as part of the company’s corporate strategy, business and overall story 
  • In identifying key areas and priorities of responsibility (materiality analysis) 
  • To crystallize the core ESG messages  
  • ESG planning 
  • Communication to different stakeholders 
  • Reporting and metrics 

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