Marketing communications

Strengthening the company’s brand is one of the key challenges for management. High-quality marketing communications are a vital part of a company’s success, both in special situations and when things are running as usual.

Marketing communications is an integral part of a company’s strategy and an important part of supporting a business. Marketing communications build and strengthen a company’s reputation and brand, help create the desired image, facilitate access to discussions and negotiation tables, and enable interaction with customers, investors and other stakeholders. At Bravura, we see marketing communications as an important part of building a company’s success.

We at Bravura have extensive experience in the design and implementation of marketing communications in all channels, and we know how to take into account the special needs of different target groups. We design and implement effective marketing communications in our team and with our versatile partner network.

We help our customers with the following tasks:

  • marketing strategy planning
  • preparing a marketing plan and a budget
  • brand work and strengthening a brand
  • conceptualization and productization
  • clarifying a company’s story
  • defining core messages and composing a boilerplate
  • designing and generating presentations
  • designing and implementing marketing materials
  • communications in social media channels
  • event planning
  • launching new services and products
  • designing and redesigning websites.


Additional information

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Project lead, partner

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