Communication in M&A

Internal and external communications plays a key role in successful corporate restructuring.

We have acted as a partner in a number of different corporate restructuring projects, from the planning and announcement phase to the integration phase, in close cooperation with different parties. Our goal is to ensure the success of corporate restructuring by means of communications, to provide sufficient and timely information to the different parties and to dispel the uncertainty caused by the change, especially among the personnel.

We help our clients in planning their communications strategy and crystallising and communicating core messages as clearly as possible to different target groups. Communications must be able to respond not only to the fundamental issues involved in the change process, but also to why the M&A will be implemented, what it aims to achieve and what its benefits and impacts will be for the various stakeholders.

Communications does not end with the announcement of the corporate restructuring. Continuous, two-way communication encourages personnel to engage in the change.

Our services in corporate restructuring communications include:

  • Communications advice
  • Communications strategy and defining main messages for different target groups
  • Communications action plan for announcement and integration phases and implementation of measures
  • Production of necessary materials, e.g., releases, presentations and Q&A documents
  • Media communications
  • Internal and external change and strategy communications in the integration phase
  • Crisis communications
  • Leading the communications process

Thanks to high-quality communications, Fondia gained a lot of visibility in the financial media to support the company's business and investor communications.”

Leena Hellfors, CEO
Fondia Oyj

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