IPO communications

IPO and listing is always major change for a company, increasing its visibility and attractiveness. Even the publication of the listing plans puts the company in the spotlight, so it is worth preparing for the occasion and the future by investing in communication and marketing.


Successful IPO communications require the ability to perceive the business of a listed company as a whole, to crystallize core business messages, and to communicate them as clearly as possible to both private and institutional investors. In addition, it is essential to understand the process associated with communications in connection with the listing and to be prepared for possible crisis communication situations.

Our long experience has taught us that the IPO process is a team effort. It requires an understanding of the needs of the various parties involved and seamless cooperation with the client, the lead manager, the law firm, and the auditors. We support the entire project team with our expertise and ensure that the process runs smoothly, even in the most hectic moments.

We take responsibility for all communications before, during, and after listing with solid expertise:

  • Equity story and key messages
  • Responsibility as part of the investor story
  • Communications and marketing plan
  • Marketing materials and events
  • Releases, media communications
  • IPO and investor site design and content production
  • Building the company’s communication capabilities
  • Communications advice
  • Training for IR tasks
  • Planning and leading of communication and marketing

Let one of the most experienced IPO teams in Finland help you.

“Listing on the First North was an important step for us in our strategy. The goal was not only to support our growth and internationalisation, but also to help build awareness of Norrhydro. We received all the communication support we needed from one team, from the planning of an IPO marketing concept to content production, marketing materials and capacity building for a listed company, as well as good visibility in the media. The Bravura team helped us clarify our story, as well as tell about our technologies and responsible business in an understandable way. A clear corporate and equity story is an important success factor in the capital markets, but at the same time awareness also supports our business goals. Our IPO was a success, and the process went smoothly with good cooperation between the various parties. We especially value Bravura's investor communications expertise and competent communications management together with our own team. Bravura also has a strong understanding of how the media works. The experience of IPO projects and the understanding of our business were reflected in a high-quality end result. ”

Yrjö Trög, CEO
Norrhydro Oyj



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