Must win battles

Many English terms have snuck their way into Finnish business lingo, such as ‘must-win battles’, which refers to milestones set to achieve one’s strategy. The term has likely been left untranslated as it sounds rather harsh, like a literal militant expression, to the Finnish ear. I have opted to write this text in two languages, because this is indeed a battle that must be won, on the home front and abroad.

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Launching a Corporate Responsibility programme with focus on materiality and continuous improvement

While BlackRock and many other institutional investors are increasingly emphasising the importance of ESG, accountability and transparency of corporate responsibility matters of both listed and non-listed companies, small- and medium-sized companies are under growing pressure to follow suit.

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For whom the Nasdaq bells toll

Bilot Oyj's First North IPO in the midst of turbulence in the stock market shows that a good investment story can also succeed in a challenging situation. In spite of the market situation, listing is currently being considered by many companies as part of the growth strategy.

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The digital age democratizes investor communications

Investor communications is not a lonely island in the digital age, but its voice effectively carries through the media to all stakeholders.

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Business-oriented communication is the most important management tool

Digitalisation is generally associated with technology, even though the most important feature for business is its ability to manage change. In manufacturing, the product was sold to the customer; in the digital age, services are purchased from the supplier, and the biggest problem with management is knowledge lost in information.

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