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Bilot is a Finnish software and IT service company that provides its customers with a strategic competitive advantage by helping them build the ultimate digital customer experience.


  • IPO of Nasdaq Helsinki Inc’s First North Growth Market Finland marketplace in 2020
  • Acquisition Communications of CastorIT in 2020

The role of Bravura:


  • Clarifying the investor story and core messages in collaboration with the rest of the project team
  • Communication and marketing plan
  • Design and content production of marketing brochures and materials
  • Planning and implementation of an IPO marketing campaign
  • Structure and content of investor pages
  • Commenting on the company prospectus
  • Retail event arrangements
  • Releases and other PR work

Continuous communication support

  • Bravura acts as Bilot’s outsourced investor and media communications resource
  • Annual plan for IR and investor communications
  • Releases and media relations
  • Maintenance and development of investor pages
  • Communication support for the financial statements bulletin and semi-annual reports
  • Annual Report 2020: content planning, content production and project management
Read Bilot's Annual Report 2020 here

”Our collaboration began right before our listing when we needed help from an experienced communications advisor to create our company’s story with us. As an external communications professional, Bravura was able to explore our business freshly, especially from the perspective of investors and the media. We were able to reform, and to rewrite our strategy to match a new chapter in Bilot’s story. The newly written common thread was present in all communication and marketing materials as well as on our website. With the help of Bravura, we also harnessed the possibilities of the media in building the conspicuousness of our company. Listing on the very doorstep of the corona was a bold bet, but it paid off. Demand was strong and the offering was oversubscribed in multiple times. Our story worked out well, and our project team, which consists of several advisors, worked in full gear towards our common goal.”  Mikko Koljonen   ”Our cooperation has continued naturally and smoothly also after the listing. Bravura has supported us in ongoing communications and in building the IR program as we take our first steps as a listed company. The goals have been successfully achieved with the help of Bravura: e.g. the largest acquisition in Bilot's history, the first earnings announcements and the annual report. Bravura’s personnel takes action quickly and flexibly, which fits well with Bilot’s dynamic way of acting.” Mikko Marttinen

Mikko Koljonen, Director, International and Emerging Business, Mikko Marttinen, CFO
Bilot Plc

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Project lead, partner

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