Must win battles

Many English terms have snuck their way into Finnish business lingo, such as ‘must-win battles’, which refers to milestones set to achieve one’s strategy. The term has likely been left untranslated as it sounds rather harsh, like a literal militant expression, to the Finnish ear. I have opted to write this text in two languages, because this is indeed a battle that must be won, on the home front and abroad.

As Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border on the morning of 24 February, our lives – already saturated with uncertainty – experienced a new shock. We had not yet had time to recover from the corona pandemic, as war broke out in Europe and peaceful Ukraine found itself forced into a desperate struggle for its very right to exist: a battle, which it must win.

The very same morning, another battle which must be won began, with the goal of freeing the West from its dependence on Russian crude oil and natural gas. This added impetus has brought justification for more resources and an even faster timetable to the fight against climate change. The acceleration of these measures should have been enacted years ago, but only in the face of a dire crisis are we beginning to scale up green investment.

Watching Ukraine’s struggle against Russia, and Europe’s efforts to rid itself of fossil fuels evokes mixed feelings of trepidation and hope. The war has shown us that only by moving in the right direction can we truly move forward. The current economic situation in Russia can be seen as a direct result of ignoring the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Forecasts of Russia’s future economic development paint a picture of poverty. Indeed, the development of the country is a tragic example of what follows from trampling on human rights, corruption, and the wholesale destruction of the environment.

Here in Finland, especially Finnish companies have been pioneers in promoting responsibility. Achieving goals of sustainability requires constant development and vigilance, to keep us moving in the right direction. We must do our part – and prevail in these many must-win battles to put an end to over-exploitation of the planet’s resources and to produce our energy without CO2 emissions. We all need to take part in this fight.

In early April, I began work at Bravura, where my task is to help our customers develop their responsibility and communicate about it. Some may feel that I have my head in the clouds, and I will certainly admit to being a dreamer, but I am also a pragmatist, and I firmly believe that taking action makes a difference. Responsibility is of course a matter of discussion, but I feel that deeds are decisive. However, let’s start by talking.

My details are below. Call me and let’s start moving in the right direction.

Tiina-Marjo Nousiainen

+358 40 764 7873