Launching a Corporate Responsibility programme with focus on materiality and continuous improvement

While BlackRock and many other institutional investors are increasingly emphasising the importance of ESG, accountability and transparency of corporate responsibility matters of both listed and non-listed companies, small- and medium-sized companies are under growing pressure to follow suit.

But how can small companies with much smaller resources live up to these rapidly growing expectations of their investors, financiers and other stakeholders?

Here is an example how we at Bravura helped our client to get started on this important journey:

Our customer Incap Group, a growing Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company with operations in India, Slovakia, the UK, Estonia and Finland, and a market cap of about EUR 150 million, has during the past year launched their responsibility programme and has recently published their first responsibility report.

Step-by-step we worked with the management by together framing their current status and ambition level, listening to key stakeholders, defining what is material and what not, building the actual responsibility programme – and then finally communicating it.

“During 2020 we introduced a Code of Conduct for all Incap Group companies. This initiative has sped up the integration of our newly acquired factories and provided a platform for creating common processes. I am sure that the programme and Code will help us also in the future to foster our unique company culture, encompassing responsibility as an essential part of our entrepreneurial drive,” said Otto Pukk, CEO of Incap Group.

This process was a very important starting point. But the work continues as Incap is committed to gradually over time build a pragmatic and sensible responsibility programme that supports their mission and growth strategy.

”The approach of this process has been to focus on materiality and continuous improvement. To take our sustainability performance to the next level, we have set out to define further targets and develop the reporting and communication with all our stakeholders. This is where we start, and we aim to improve our performance over time,” added Pukk.

We at Bravura are both happy and proud of having had the opportunity to support Incap in building their responsibility programme, and now publishing the first report. More is yet to come, but an important first step has been taken.