Getting the annual report done more efficiently

Annual and responsibility reports are often extensive publications which demand an important amount of time and money to design and produce. If done properly, a report project takes about half a year and, in addition to the company's finance and communication department, usually requires external experts such as the project manager, content producers, graphic artists, photographers and translators as well.

Even if various layout and publishing software has been available for the laborious process for a long time already, however, doing and verifying the layout of the reports based on the documents done by Word and Excel, requires time and precision. Sometimes it makes you wonder if a high-quality publication could not be made with fewer resources?

Even in the future, reports won’t be done and completed at the press of a button, but new solutions are now available. Automation has also come in handy for creating reports. Some large companies already possess software that can be used to produce a report, or to update e.g. a Powerpoint presentation directly from Word and Excel files into PDF format without a layout design software.

However, the costs of that kind of software are such that their implementation doesn’t make sense for small and medium-sized companies. A simpler and lighter solution is needed – and is also available. The bases is still the word processing program Word, which in capable hands can be converted into a layout and page design solution. The quality of the work done this way, is comparable to annual, responsibility and other reports made with the InDesign layout and page design software. The basic principles of the process are the same as when working with the more expensive automation software mentioned above, but it requires some manual data entry work. However, the biggest advantage is that the expensive and time-consuming layout design stage with all its checkup rounds is omitted.

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