Partnera Oyj

Partnera is an international business group, which owns companies that promote sustainable development in the circular economy and energy industry, among others.


  • Technical listing in Nasdaq Helsinki’s First North Growth Market Finland marketplace in 2020
  • Acquisition of KPA Unicon Groupin in 2021

Bravura’s role:


  • Equity stroy and core messages with the entire project team; strategy story
  • Communications plan
  • Stock exchange releases and media work
  • Communications materials for the owners of the company
  • Investor pages: structure and content
  • Company brochure and investor presentation: communications comments
  • Creating communications abilities for a listed company

Continuous communications support

  • Bravura acts as Partnera’s outsourced IR and media communications resource
  • Communications and media plans
  • Annual Report 2020: content planning and creation, project management
  • Advisor in financial reporting and releases
  • KPA Unicon Group acquisition: external and internal communications planning support and material production
  • Stock exchange and press releases and media relations

”Partnera’s roots go back in telephone business started in  1882, whereafter the company has developed through multiple phases useiden into a business group promoting sustainable development . In our listing, we did not gather funds from the market and give an IPO, but our primary target was to increase the liquidity of our share and their transparent valuation. Bravura helped us to update our equity story and to tell about our renewed business to investors, media and our almost 27,000 shareholders, many of whom originally were owners of a totally different company. Bravura has supported our communications also after the listing. We are 100 % committed to acting in line with the rules and best practices of a listed company, and Bravura knows this world very well. We build our business group through acquisitions, so it is critical that our communications partner has strong experience of acquisition communications. We also value Bravura’s expertise in sustainable development which is the basis of our business and an increasingly essential part of our story.”

Jari Pirkola, CEO
Partnera Oyj

Additional information

Pauliina Tennilä

CEO, partner

+358 40 570 5530