Modulight Corporation

Modulight Corporation is a biomedical company that designs and manufactures laser devices for the treatment of cancer and eye diseases and for genetics. The company also manufactures products for other high value-add applications such as quantum computing.

Finland’s future relies heavily on technology and science. Thanks to our high level of education, companies are being created here with the capacity to develop unique products and services and export them to international markets. One of the pioneers in its field of expertise is Modulight, a First North-listed company that is at the forefront of its field in the use of laser and semiconductor technology, including in medicine. Modulight’s equipment and services are used in particular in the fight against cancer.

Bravura has been honored to partner with Modulight in developing its communication and sustainability activities.  We have jointly managed the ongoing disclosure obligations of a listed company while taking major steps in developing the company’s sustainability and communications. Sustainability is a natural part of Modulight’s strategy, and its future targets are ambitious in terms of both business and sustainability.

Our joint projects:


  • Continuous investor communications and content production for newsletters and publications
  • Updating the investor website
  • Strategy communication


  • Materiality assessment and stakeholder identification
  • Drafting of a sustainability programme with targets and performance indicators
  • Sustainability management system
  • Sustainability reporting and a plan on how to reuse the contents in communication
  • Key sustainability messages as part of investor communications
  • Presentation materials

"Our cooperation with Bravura is fruitful and smooth. We have close communication and receive expert advice from them. To summarise Modulight's activities you need to be familiar with the company’s operations and to be able to present complex issues concisely and at the same time correctly. Bravura has done an excellent job of this. We have also made huge strides in developing our sustainability in a short time thanks to our collaboration. It has been nice to see that our partner is able to help us in many ways and stands by us in different situations".

Seppo Orsila, CEO
Modulight Oyj

Additional information

Pauliina Tennilä

CEO, partner

+358 40 570 5530