Matkahuolto is a Finnish company providing modern travel, transport, and logistics services. These services help people and parcels move easily and quickly to any part of Finland.

Annual and Sustainability Report 2022

Matkahuolto, owned by the Bus and Coach Association and transport operators for more than 90 years, underwent a major transformation in 2022 and managed to turn a positive result. The events and developments of a busy year were summarised in an annual sustainability report, the content and structure of which was designed and produced by Bravura.

"The project for our Annual Report went smoothly and we are very pleased with the outcome. We have been outsourcing the content production of the report for years because we value external insight and our resources are not sufficient to write the texts during the busy first months of the year. Accountability and its continuous improvement are vital for us and this is where we were able to benefit from Bravura's strong expertise."

Petra Rusi, Communications Manager

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Tiina-Marjo Nousiainen

Director, ESG, partner

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